About Us

With a workforce of over 386 employees that represents 43 nationalities, it’s a shining example of solidarity in diversity.

Fronds is a UAE based conglomerate investing in a wide range of leading brands and businesses. We are committed to providing outstanding services at all times, by working closely with our principals, associates, affiliates and customers.

Group CEO Message:

“The Fronds Turnaround”

It brings great honor to take part in a successful investment turnaround in the UAE. Various studies have shown that only 15% of family-owned businesses in the region make it to the third generation, which is an outstanding result.

Our group is not new, our investments date back to 1976 and is still very much alive. This succession would not have been made possible without the support of the team. It was not to our favor that the UAE experienced an economic downturn from 2016 and a global pandemic that halted almost all operations in 2020, however I am very proud to share that these disastrous events did not stop the ambition and performance of our work. We are now more profitable and sustainable than ever.

We have been working very close with our investment partners to make sure that our strategies are implemented in the most efficient and effective way possible. Thanks to the commitment of our team, we are prepared to tackle obstacles of the future by following a major rule “Grow Sustainably-Smartly”.

-Zayed bin Khalid AlQasimi